Contact Us

    Lost Hills Water District
    Administration and Financial Address:
    5555 California Avenue, Suite 209
    Bakersfield, CA 93309

    800 Aqueduct
    Lost Hills, CA 93249
    (661) 797-2311


    Mark Gilkey, General Manager
    Mary King, Assistant to the General Manager
    Kim Constant, Executive Assistant
    Tami Pensinger, Accounting Manager
    Elisabeth Cervantes, Staff Accountant
    Jamie Marquez, Resource Specialist

    Operations & Maintenance:
    Steve Bottoms, Director of Operations & Maintenance
    Morgan Mitchell, Assistant Director of Operations & Maintenance
    Jesse Mello, Foreman
    Tom Colbert, Electrician
    Enrique Ibarra, Electrician
    Jesus Acosta, Mechanic
    Castulo Lucero, Maintenance
    Norman Woodrow, Water Operator
    Darren Rolin, Water Operator
    Eusebio Guerrero , Water Operator

    Legal Counsel:
    Joseph D. Hughes, Legal Counsel

    Individual email addresses are available upon request.